Mindfully Embodied Yoga practice is guided in support and encouragement of each  student navigating yoga postures while being fully present to their own inner experience each moment of the practice. Students who regularly directly experience yoga practice mindfully embodied report many meaningful transformations occurring in their daily lives as they grow in

           Connection                               Awareness

 Acceptance                                                                              Direction



                 Expression                          Actualization   

This practice is facilitated with unconditional positive regard toward self and others. Inviting compassionate awareness, validates all experiences. All are welcome in this practice. Yoga postures are a navigational tool connecting body and mind in this practice. Poses are guided in structural safety and each student is encouraged to explore for themselves within the posture, allowing their bodies to inform their choices.

Mbodied Yoga classes are held at the beautiful Cooperative Nu Movement Studio and Gallery located here

Mindful Morning Yoga classes begin November 11, 2017

to schedule individual classes do so here

The design and facilitation of a mindfully embodied yoga class offers an experience full of possibilities in which individual students are supported and guided to discover within themselves.

There is no previous experience with yoga necessary, just  come as you are! Mbodied yoga classes are facilitated with safety and unconditional positive regard for self and others. Yoga poses are structured in simple shapes as a framework within which students are invited to explore movement and stillness within the body. For those who have yoga experience, all expressions of the poses guided beyond what the facilitator has instructed are welcomed with regard to individual choice and safety.

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